The halls of one Texas high school were filled with more than anxious students on Friday. These students literally surrounded their classmate with support after his mother lost her battle with cancer. 

The photo went viral online and led to even more support: http://bit.ly/1rrGgUY


Photos like this let me know that today’s teenagers are on track to be great adults.


this would make everyone shut up 



"Creepshot" Photos Are Now Legal in Texas

A Texas state law prohibiting people from taking photographs “with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person” if the person being photographed does not consent is unconstitutional, according to the state’s highest criminal court. Under this decision, so-called “creepshot” photos, where men often take photos of unconsenting women that they encounter on the street, are legal in Texas.


sooo this is disgusting

dont ignore this

this is important and a huge step backwards


Got your goat!

The sign said “A nice man in a truck stopped to pet me. I jumped in his truck and gobbled up packets of saltine crackers.

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